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Lea x Magical Light


*pre slovenskú verziu tohto článku klikni tu*

Heey everyone! I decided to share with you some photos from recent weekend and add some words to it too.

But firstly, I put here some amazing music you can listen to while you will be scrolling down.

So, last saturday me and Lea got together and went for a kind of a hike in Slovak Paradise. Some of you may know, but for those who don't, Slovak Paradise is one of Slovakian National Parks and it really stands out amongst them. Beatiful gorges and lots of water(during hot sweating days you would feel hydrated again there) and stunning views really makes out the core of it. This time, we went just for the view though.


We visited the biggest outlook there, Tomášovský výhľad (Thomas's Outlook). Can somebody tell me why it is called like that (did they mean the Falconer Thomas )?

Thanks to the BEAUTIFUL view and relatively easy access it is the most popular one in Slovak Paradise so yes, people were there (here and there). There is a chance you will, despite your desire NOT to hear, hear some jiggly stupidish words some city boys say brutally amazed by the view. Do not despair though. It really is beautiful piece of nature and you will really enjoy your time there. 

We started our hike in Čingov on a parking lot down there, and we made it under hour and half (the tourist sign says one hour, but you know it, you need to snap some killerz here and there and baaam you are behind a schedule) 

I was on Thomas's Outlook last summer for last time, but this time it was much more pleasing. The beautiful warm sun hit us(just for the record, we still have spring over here and it is kind of cold) so we even could take our winter jackets off.

We ate quick snack and enjoyed hot tea (prob my most fave thing of all hikes) and talked much. | Friendly reminder: Don't forget your checked blanket at home. |

For me, things we do between the actual shooting (just like eating sweets and drinking tea) are equally as important as shooting itself. I am really trying to create an atmosphere of photos I try to capture even before we actually start to shoot. I feel kind of guilty when models bring nothing other than bunch of photos with them. 

Lea Slovak Paradise Slideshow | Lea Slovenský raj Slideshow

We really had great time and since Lea is also a photographer I posed some too.


This is the end! Tell me what are your thoughts on blog posts like this! Feel free to reach me on any of my social media platforms. Thank you for your time. - dávid