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Hiking x Veľká Fatra


*klikni sem pre slovenskú verziu tohto blogu*

This blog post is a throwback. Kind of massive one.

 September last year me and my friend Patrik went hiking up to the Kľak, one of the most iconic moutain of the slovak nature.

(This song makes me happy for a quite long time now(I also sing along when I am alone but don 't tell anyone))

♩Saturday night kind of pink ♩

We packed our stuff, inspected hiking maps and finally parked our car in Nolčovo, village near Martin and Vrútky. One very kind local driving a huge tractor showed us the road and we took his words. It was very pleasant, approximately two hour hike on the forest road. Few cyclists overtook us but it 's fine, they have wheels.

SIMK kľak veľká fatra

We reached our stand-for-a-night place when the sun started to set. The whole valley, or saddleback if you wish, blew our mind. It was so beautiful.

SIMK koliba príslop veľká fatra kľak

 We got out from the forest and the whole green meadow , in the collosseum tribune shape, appeared in front of us. We were literally just running around for few minutes. 

SIMK veľká fatra

And the cabin!

SIMK koliba príslop veľká fatra kľak

We totally fell in love with all these details builders were aware of. For example the water stream. It was literally a trunk with a twig from which water was flowing down to the double trough, from about one and half meter height. Or a stone right next to the door. So just when we would want to have the door opened, and we looked down for a something to keep the door open, there it was. The stone, dimensionaly ideal to secure the door. And lot of other practical and clever tweaks. Damn, guys who built this paradise cabin in a paradise, you rock! 

They even included books!

SIMK koliba príslop

I bought this stover right before the trip and I was excited to try it out.

SIMK stover koliba príslop veľká fatra kľak

Despite the fact it was just one of the "toyish" ones, it was the best thing. Right after that conscientious stone. We boiled the water for the tea there, as well as Heinz Beans and the instant soup in the morning. Eating something hot in a cold morning is a bargain. Trust me.

SIMK fire

We lighted the spark in my bonfire heart, just to make us comfortable cause right after the sun went down, it was getting cold very fast. And the colder it was, the brighter was the night sky.

SIMK man fire sky stars

We then went on top of the meadow to shoot some cool photos we saw on the internet. Man beaming his headlamp light towards the milky way.

SIMK man milky way headlamp beam

Not bad, but the terrifying sounds harassing us from all the directions ended our effort veeery quickly. We felt very safe in a cabin though. We fell asleep listening to the beautiful, once scary, sounds of wilderness.

SIMK water nature

We got up very early, and as I mentioned earlier, we prepared hot breakfast using the stover. That kicked us up.

SIMK beans stover
SIMK man eating in a cabin
SIMK koliba príslop veľká fatra kľak man eating in a cabin in nature

This place looks awesome also in a morning light.

SIMK koliba príslop veľká fatra kľak

We packed our things, cleaned up the place (Note: most important thing during hiking or spending some time in nature generally. Always clean your shit up. Also clean the mess stupid people make. The karmameter goes insanely high. ), and we moved on.

SIMK veľká fatra

The hike was really demanding. The elevation was very great.


And the hiking trail was kind of not maintained. We also did not meet any people. It was kind of strange and unexpected since we read on the internet that the Kľak is very busy tourist destination. 


We finally climbed up. It certainly did not look the way we saw it on the internet. We were little bit dissapointed, but not with the view. It was truly spectacular. 

SIMK FATRA kľak výhľad

We started to descend, walking through forests and meadows of all kinds to finally got to our car.  

Only at home did I realize that we have three hills called Kľak here in Slovakia. ... Yes, we were somewhere else than we had thought we were. And yet, we are not sad nor angry. Actually , we are very happy that  we discovered another beatiful but forgotten region of our country. And we''ll climb the "popular" Kľak anyway.

- dávid