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Hiking x Magic bus


Do you know that we have Magic Bus from the movie Into the Wild even here in Slovakia? And I think it’s even cooler!

In case you haven’t seen Into the Wild, here is the trailer.

Alright, now let’s go to my story!

SIMK vcelin

Approximately four years ago I’ve seen the movie and I totally loved it! The plot, how Alexander escapes daily life by enormous hike to beautiful nature of state Alaska, stays in the bus(he names it magic bus later on) hunt for the food and aware of simple life and what surrounds him totally got me! I consider that movie as mantra for people distinguishing between terms like consumerism, asceticism, anti-consumerism or simple living.

SIMK vcelin v tme.jpg

So when I heard about some old vehicle parked somewhere in the woods of Slovakia, mightily recalling the one Alexander stayed in, I was very delighted and of course, I couldn’t wait to explore it.

SIMK vcelin.jpg

And since my friend Patrick shared this little dream with me, it was completely logical outcome to see two of us finally arriving at the place in the middle of a night.

And we were very pleased.

SIMK vcelin.jpg
SIMK vcelin interior.jpg
SIMK vcelin interior.jpg
SIMK vcelin interior

Magic bus offers unique atmosphere and safe place to sleep during the night. It is completely run by people passing by(means it has no official owner and night there is completely free).

SIMK vcelin moon

The moon waking up from behind trees just at the left side of the bus.

SIMK vcelin night.jpg

We enjoyed our stay in the the slovak Magic Bus so much. That place is really magical. Oh and if you would like to visit it too, it’s on the blue sign trail between Lom nad Rimavicou and Bratkovce in central south part of Slovakia in Veporské vrchy. Please, leave Magic Bus in better shape than you would find it. Let’s thank for existence of places like this by doing at least that. Thank you :)

SIMK vcelin logbook.jpg