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David x Sweden


We planned our winter holiday "winter holiday break" long before, so when the time came, we confidently escaped from freezing days here in Slovakia to even more freezing days in Sweden. I guess we know how to properly manage holiday breaks after all.

SIMK man pouring hot water over his head

We bought flight tickets and off we were. We enjoyed seven days of beautiful sceneries of winter swedish countryside at its finest. At top of that we enjoyed hospitality and kindness of swedish people and also their lovely weirdnesses they are, as nation as such, known for.

SIMK patrick with swedish house
SIMK swedish house in Vadstena

We hopped in Norway for a little bit too, one of few countries that are part of my "beloved places list". We enjoyed endless winter roads, the "I don't care about speed at all, I am enjoying my fu*king great life in Scandinavia" traffic. We experienced veeery close encounter with swedish wildlife, we even saw moose marks in the snow.

SIMK in the car
SIMK cabin in Mullsjo
SIMK cabin in sweden
SIMK cabin in sweden
SIMK cabin in sweden
SIMK sweden
SIMK map of sweden on car dashboard in the woods
SIMK cabin in sweden
SIMK cone and stone on the window sill
SIMK books about sweden

We were on Hindens Revs peninsula completely alone and saw waves on one, and calm water on the other side of twenty-four meters wide land. We slept in small wooden cabin in the middle of woods, where we needed to get up every 3- 4 hours to put fire wood in the fireplace to keep us warm, because outside was minus twenty plus degrees and there was blank space between door and door frame so big you could set up your new civilisation there(we stuffed it with old rags though and now you talk about nice insulation :)).   

SIMK david simko on hinde revs peninsula

We enjoyed night walk in the same woods, shot stars, while complete quiet and were stoked on branches occasionally breaking in the distance. We pulled seventy-five year old army sledges with our baggage loaded and tried to cross-country even older wooden skis.

SIMK old army sledges
SIMK muddy road in winter sweden
SIMK milky way over swedish countryside

We walked on few completely frozen lakes, that were so big we couldn't see the end, while few people were ice-skating in a distance. In order to cook on our beloved stove we had to start it with borrowed matchsticks from one very kind old swedish lady, who later said to us that we can keep them.

SIMK man walking on frozen lake with swedish flag
SIMK swedish countryside
SIMK swedish countryside
SIMK swedish landscape
SIMK sweden wood stove sauna
SIMK frozen portrait sweden

Life is beautiful and these few days in Sweden are just perfect example of it.

- dávid